Are there rules when re-doing furniture for shabby chic look?

I'm getting ready to re-do several pieces of furniture to a shabby chic look. I have a few questions...

1) do the peices need to be white or can they be done in pastel pinks, greens, or blues?

2) Does it matter what color the base coat is underneath? I mean I know it should be dark. But, does it matter if it is a brown or a blue or a red? Should all pieces be done with the same base coat?

3) Should peices be done in a gloss finish or flat?

4) where can I find wood embellishments? I have tried home depot and lowes but they don't seem to have any? Would michaels or hobby lobby?

5) What can I do to integrate my Big Screen tv into this look? I really need some ideas here

6) What colors should the walls be? I was thinking of a light taupe or beige with white moulding and trim?

7) should I distress the trim in the room or keep it looking new and polished?

Any other tips, websites, ideas would be great appreciated! BTW, I guess this would be a vintage rose shabby chic look...I have tons of rose things that I have collelcted over the years. That is why I decided to go with shabby chic look.

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DeeDee April 30, 2011 at 10:24 pm

1. white or pastel is fine, but white looks best.

2. Base needs to be any dark color.

3. I prefer semi-gloss, satin or flat, but not high gloss.

4. Hobby Lobby and Michael’s both have embellishments. I also found them at Lowe’s.

5. I would get a wood armoire to put your TV into, and close the doors when not in use.

6. I like the taupe or khaki with white trim.

7. Keep the trim looking crisp.

8. Try to not over-do the shabby chic. Take a picture and look at it with a fresh eye. If it looks too-too, then get rid of some of the stuff.

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